meeting protocols and procedures

Meeting Protocol and Procedures Required for a Board High Productivity

Providing stable efficiency of workflow for the whole company seems to be almost an impossible task. This is partly true – it is impossible to motivate absolutely all employees to work at the same work rhythm. Nevertheless, there are many useful practices that make it possible to maintain the necessary work rhythm at different levels of the company. In particular, meeting protocols and procedures are successfully used for this purpose, and not only on the board level. To learn more about other ways to ensure an effective work rhythm, please read our article.

What are the minutes of board of directors’ meetings necessary for?

In essence, the minutes of meetings of the board of directors is a legal document, which briefly contains the main decisions on the fundamental issues in the life of the company. Minutes of meetings are the result of the board of directors, but the decisions it contains relate to the development of the company as a whole. Not surprisingly, many companies are of the opinion that items in meeting minutes should be made publicly available. In the digital age, this can be done fairly quickly and effortlessly – for example, by making such a document publicly available to read on a shared virtual bulletin board.

What does it take to opening a board meeting?

Not only may minutes of board meetings be crucial to the life of a company, but the discussion process itself should be conducted in such a way that the decisions made are of maximum benefit to the entire company. To this end, experts in the field of management organization advise adhering to a few simple but quite effective recommendations:

  1. Create a favorable atmosphere for work. At the beginning of a meeting, even if it is online, you can make a small social retreat – for example, to say hello to those present, ask about the mood of the meeting participants, rather than immediately move on to discussing the agenda. this way you can create a more positive working atmosphere.
  2. Make sure that the agenda is not too crowded. The meeting secretary should ensure that all important issues are on the agenda in preparation for the meeting. However, it is not a good idea to bring absolutely every issue in the life of the company to the public – some of them can be dealt with in the flow of business.
  3. Keep an eye on the timing of the meeting. Management experts recommend holding particularly important meetings – which may include board meetings – in the morning, when productivity is at its highest level. However, don’t drag out the discussion of every issue, as participants will quickly tire of the meeting and won’t be interested in finding the best solution.
  4. Motivate participants to actively discuss the agenda. Not all participants in business meetings may be interested in the issues at hand. In this case it is necessary to ask them direct questions, to include them in the search for solutions. In this way, you can find a solution for each item on the agenda more quickly while increasing the interest of all board members in their work.
  5. Ensure good preparation for a future meeting. This is a key point when preparing for a board meeting. If you make sure in advance that all necessary documents are collected in one place, all participants are informed in advance about the time of the meeting, and receive an agenda, you can save a lot of time and effort to perform minor tasks during the meeting itself.

It is also not necessary to forget about keeping working records during meetings, including online – they will be useful for drawing up the necessary documentation.